Weekly Cambodia News Roundup

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm going to try something new on this blog: on most Friday mornings I'm going to post a weekly news roundup linking to articles I read this week regarding Cambodia and/or SE Asia. Some of the linked articles will have an anti-trafficking focus, but many will be a bit more general in nature, providing a broader view of social, political and financial happenings in Cambodia and/or SE Asia, especially as they pertain to human rights issues. So here's my first stab:

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Cambodian Youth Unengaged in Civic Affairs, says UNDP Study

U.S. Anxiety Over Rising China Aired in Cambodia Wikileaks

Beer Girl Exploitation Revealed

Cambodia Factory Faintings Put Big Brands Under Pressure

Cambodia's Moment of Truth (A Photo Essay on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal)

Cambodia's Airports See Growth in 2011

Jeremy Floyd
Project Manager - SE Asia Directive

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