Kutcher’s comment raises concern for “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”

Monday, September 26, 2011

Recently Equitas praised the Demi and Ashton Foundation for their advocacy and awareness raising campaign, “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”. We continue to be grateful for the work of this foundation and it’s dedication to address sex trafficking and the variety of forms it takes.

This is why it is puzzling at best when on a recent David Letterman Show appearance, Ashton Kutcher was asked by Letterman “Do you prefer strippers or porn stars?” Kutcher commented that he has a foundation that fights human trafficking but that neither stripping nor pornography qualify and that he prefers the “live thing” (the dialogue starts at about 9:30).

Shared Hope International subsequently posted this statement on Facebook concerning Ashton’s remarks: “‎Demi and Ashton DNA Foundation, thx for joining the fight against sex trafficking but we're surprised when Letterman asked if Ashton preferred "strippers or porn stars" he said neither of those qualified as human trafficking. Stripping and pornography fuel the commercial sex industry and victims are often used in both. Next time you get a chance to set the record straight on national T.V., we hope you take it rather than perpetuate a myth that fuels slavery.”

Shared Hope also included a link to this article on the Human Goods website entitled “Will the Real Men Out There Please Stand Up?”

We recognize that Kutcher might have been caught of guard by Letterman’s question and it could be understandable that he subsequently fumbled with his answer. But, it also should be recognized that he has had ample time to set the record straight and there have been a number of requests for him to do so. We contacted the DNA Foundation asking for clarification shortly after this piece aired. As of this posting, we have received no response.

-Lance Robinson, President/Founder

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That is very disappointing.
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