Healing Restavek Children: Collaboration between Local and Global Partners

Friday, August 12, 2011

Recently Equitas had the privilege of introducing one of our major global partners, Restavek Freedom Foundation (RFF) with one of our new local partners, Helen Ross McNabb Center (HRMC). The result has been a collaborative effort in which HRMC is partnering with RFF to provide clinical training for the RFF child advocates working with restavek children in Haiti.

"We are thrilled about the partnership with HRMC", notes Joan Conn, Executive Director for Restavek Freedom.  "Our goal is to help children find freedom and lead lives filled with hope and joy. In order to do this, our team needs to be fully equipped with additional clinical tools and training to help lead these children beyond their painful histories into new and brighter futures.”

Facilitating collaborations around crucial needs such as this is a high value for Equitas. You can read more about it in the press release here.

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